Fortitude (1)

Okay so I’m not a big fan of this word, not because I dislike it but because I don’t feel like I have an awful lot to say about it. So, I’m going to jokingly blame the word being in our list on pocketcanadian (because there is no way I added it given my simpleton vocabulary…) and give this a go anyway.

I think I’ve got a bit of a skewed idea of what it really means to deal with something with fortitude.  Rather than just being courage in pain or adversity, I add on the expectation of being unwavering…you can’t falter, you never doubt yourself, you don’t have days when it all feels way too much, or that you’re doing the wrong thing etc. Which probably explains why it’s not a word I use or associate with anything – because it’s just not realistic that anyone is every entirely unwavering… you can’t go through pain or adversity never getting upset or hurt, never doubting yourself or getting scared or wanting to give up. And doing those things doesn’t actually mean you aren’t courageous. But I still don’t really like it.

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