Oh ffs. I know these are words we both chose and seemed good at the time, but could we not just have some really good ones to get us going? And seriously, any other damn colour would have been better, but it has to be violet?!

So, I’m still sitting in bed this morning (though I really should get up and shower for work, not write this), and I’ve had my cup of coffee and I’ve flicked through all of my photos that I’ve taken on my phone, because there must be some in there that are violet… There’s loads in there, surely out of all of them there’s one?

This is what I’ve got:

And now, I could give you my entirely irrational ridiculous rant about why I don’t like hydrangeas (just pick a colour and stick to it) but it’s probably best not to come across completely crazy on only day 2. Just know it bugs me that the plant to save my arse with this prompt is a hydrangea.

Hoping there’s more to say for tomorrow’s word…

two: violet

here are today’s free (and batshit bonkers) associations on our daily theme:

1- isn’t violet just a uppity, snooty word for purple? i mean, what’s the difference?

2- this is the colour i see in my mind, when i say violet:

photo cred: pocketcanadian, circa july 2018

3- i kept having some intrusive thoughts about how violet is only one letter away from violent…i don’t know why i kept thinking that. i don’t feel like exploring that any more so i won’t.

4- it also made me think of the heart emoticon pocketbrit and i use when we text…early on, i feel like we sent all means and shades of hearts to each other, but these days, it’s only¬† Purple Heart on Google Android 9.0 that we use. sometimes we use it when we’re full of love for each other, and are compelled to send a bunch in a row to make sure the other person can feel it. sometimes we use it when we don’t have any words, when we’re just grateful for the other’s presence. i think we always use it when we say goodnight. so yeah, this violet heart is for her, it seems…i can’t imagine using any other one. Purple Heart on Google Android 9.0