three: aspire

i’m not having that great of a day. it was busy, and my brain was being mean, a real dick. i want to write something inspiring that will strike awe into all who read it but i can only muster a list. sorry, friends.

i aspire to be

  • kind
  • present
  • trustworthy
  • thoughtful
  • perceptive
  • gentle
  • attentive
  • a good mama
  • a loving partner
  • a mindful friend

but also, i also aspire to become

  • steady and steadfast
  • a more worthy opponent to shame & fear
  • a person who is on time more often
  • patient
  • a boundary ninja
  • a careful guardian of my heart
  • a published author
  • a better mama
  • a better partner
  • a better friend

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