twenty-two: sunrise

my wife laughed (hard) when she heard our word today. she said that i don’t do sunrises, i’m not up for that shit, that i’m more a sunset kinda gal.

she’s right.

i know they’re pretty and all…but they’re so fucking early. and if i’m seeing them it’s coz i’m not sleeping due to insomnia (aka my dumb brain) or because i’m coming home from work, both of which are crummy reasons to be awake at the buttcrack of dawn.

in any case, i found a picture of a sunrise that i took this summer, through my window (and its screen) while on vacation. i was sick and woke up because i couldn’t breathe through my nose…and inadvertently caught this.

like i said…pretty, but not worth not being asleep at 5 am, if you ask me.