To add some more negativity to my Debbie downer attitude lately…

This kind of ties into all the shit lately. Normally people find belonging with their family, and then also find it elsewhere as they grow.

I am realising how I don’t belong amongst my family, and because I’m a pathetic loser, also don’t belong anywhere else.

And its cheesy, but I want this. I want to feel like I belong somewhere. I want to have a place, to be wanted, to be a part of something. I want to belong, to not feel so on my own, not fitting anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. please, please, please don’t be mean to my friend. *everyone* wants to belong. it doesn’t make you a pathetic loser or cheesy or a debbie downer when you feel like you don’t, and you want to.

    this shit hurts. and then hurts some more.

    i know it’s not nearly enough, and certainly doesn’t make up for any of it but i love you, want you, and need you. i feel like you belong in my life, and you are in my heart. 💜


    • I feel like I belong in your life too, just like you do in mine. But I’d really appreciate the removal of the ocean in between us….


  2. you’re telling me. honestly i’m over it. the ocean, the distance, the not meeting you in person. hurry up and emigrate here already.


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