twenty-eight: nurture

this one would make me more sad if i weren’t so tired.

i think of nurturing as being something mothers do. and i had a mother who could be nurturing, but who also took it away with little notice. so it was not something to be trusted.

when i think of nurturing, i think of little, small, innocent people, who require patience and love and consistency and steadiness so they can develop and grow. i hope i was sometimes a mama like that when my daughter was smaller, and i want to keep being that for her in meaningful ways as she grows bigger. i want to be a nurturing, loving presence for pocketbrit (both big and little), and i want to be that for little me, who still has a chasm of hurt in her chest for what she didn’t get (and got instead) all those years ago.

One thought on “twenty-eight: nurture

  1. You absolutely were and still are that for your kiddo. She’s got an an amazing, loving, nurturing mama. Who also makes the best dinner in the world lol.
    And you do it for me and my little one, and yours too… And I wish that could make up for you not getting it back then, but it doesn’t, which just sucks.


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