thirty-six: blue

blue is pocketbrit’s favourite colour.

it is also my mom’s.

those two facts together feel harder than they should, but there you go.

there is a very particular hue that you can find in the sky sometimes…and that’s my favourite blue of all. it’s bright and it’s intense and it’s the one i thought of when i imagined today’s word. fortuitously, there was a patch of sky that was this blue today and i thought of this post, and of pocketbrit, mostly. but then a bit about my mom and thinking of her just hurt.

this isn’t remotely a good picture, i snapped it in a hurry today, but it has the blue i love best…specifically, the patch at the top middle, just to the left of that wispy fluff of cloud. deep, calming, endless blue. (if i was more tech savvy i’d edit it and circle the exact bit i love, but alas, i’m tech moronic)


One thought on “thirty-six: blue

  1. Its a very lovely blue. And I actually really like the picture, just with the clouds and lovely colour sky…. It did turn into a sunny day.


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