I wanted to keep thinking about this one, see if anything came to mind. Nothing really came to mind to begin with in the first place. I think I started to think of funerals, and of honoring somebody’s memory. But I didn’t have much to say on that, so I googled the word, wanting the proper definition and synonyms. Dumb move… Integrity, honesty, morality, etc.

And honestly it just feels like bullshit. My parents hold my brother in high esteem. They are so proud of him… He’s in the forces and he’s so wonderful and he’s the perfect son that they can tell people about. He’ll give them grandkids, he’s engaged to a lovely woman. They think he’s amazing. He’s in the armed forces and isn’t that just so honorable, doesn’t that make him so amazing….And they know what he did to me. But that doesn’t register with them.

So I just think this words a load of crap…

forty-four: honour

i opted to go with a sweeter association to this word (i did have a few other not-sweet associations) because it was my first thought when i read today’s word, and i’ve been singing the song in my head for a bunch of the day.

it’s a girl guide/girl scout song, and i picture not only the earnest little faces of my daughter and her troupe as they sang it recently, but also, the shadowy, firelight-speckled faces of girls of all ages and sizes, from years ago, when i worked at a summer camp. this was often one of our last songs of the evening, when only the glowing embers were left, and usually a couple of us would sing a descant along with the melody of the song, and it was so, so pretty and pure and lovely.

here are the four verses that i know best…i know there are more, and it’s entirely possible there are regional differences in the tune and how it’s sung, too, but i learned it this way.

on my honour i will try / there’s a duty to be done, and i say ‘aye’                                      there’s a reason here, for a reason above / my honour is to try, and my duty is to love

people don’t need to know my name / if i hurt someone, then i’m to blame                                if i help someone, then i’ve helped me / and that’s the way that it should be

repeat 1st verse

i’ve tucked away a song or two / if you’re feeling low, there’s one for you                                  if you need a friend, then i will come / there’s plenty more when i come from

repeat 1st verse

friendship is the strangest thing / if you keep it to yourself, no reward will it bring               but you gave it away, and you gave it to me / and from now on great friends we’ll be

repeat 1st verse

this is pretty close to the one i learned…slightly bigger scale than at my summer camp, though. 😉