I wanted to keep thinking about this one, see if anything came to mind. Nothing really came to mind to begin with in the first place. I think I started to think of funerals, and of honoring somebody’s memory. But I didn’t have much to say on that, so I googled the word, wanting the proper definition and synonyms. Dumb move… Integrity, honesty, morality, etc.

And honestly it just feels like bullshit. My parents hold my brother in high esteem. They are so proud of him… He’s in the forces and he’s so wonderful and he’s the perfect son that they can tell people about. He’ll give them grandkids, he’s engaged to a lovely woman. They think he’s amazing. He’s in the armed forces and isn’t that just so honorable, doesn’t that make him so amazing….And they know what he did to me. But that doesn’t register with them.

So I just think this words a load of crap…

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