• My ocd tenancies: everything needing to have some sort of order to it… Organised in height order or categories, the dvds in my sitting room arranged by colour so that they make a rainbow. Herbs and spices alphabetised. Books arranged by height.
  • Being ordered to do things, and the belligerence in me of refusing to do it sometimes just because of hating being ordered.

forty-six: order

i am not a very orderly person.

in fact, the mere suggestion that things be in a particular order drives me around the bend.

i know it is ridiculous of me. and i do not refuse to follow any order, only that order upon which people insist. i follow the law, for instance, and i don’t mind rules; i adhere to the lay of the land, and i am a fairly moral person, i’d say.

but i don’t like people telling me what to do, and in what manner. nope nope nope.