fifty: creativity

i’m not a creative person.

absolutely, i am able to see beauty, and i can capture it from behind a camera lens or with my pen or sometimes with my voice…but that isn’t creativity, it’s just dictation. i didn’t make it with my hands, or fashion it out of thin air…not like pocketbrit with her drawing or with friends who are composers of beautiful music. yes, i am decent at grabbing hold of something and helping you to see it or feel it…but i don’t produce it. i just…process it, maybe?

i think it’s an important distinction. i don’t feel bad about it at all…but i do feel strongly that the true notion of creativity should be used to describe those who create, who generate something, all on their own. that’s not me.


One thought on “fifty: creativity

  1. I kind of don’t agree with you…

    Because really, all I’m doing with my drawing is copying something. Copying an image and getting it down on paper where it can become easily accessible to other people. And sure there are plenty of artists who are more creative, abstract art and such where the final image on the paper comes from their mind, and is not an image that can already be seen out there in the world. But what about realism art? What about all those artists who simply draw what they see?

    I think the creative part is capturing something somehow. The emotion or the moment or the weather in one of its amazing forms…capturing it and then making it accessible to other people so that they too can see or feel what you do.

    I certainly am not creative under your definition (and actually I spend a lot of time arguing with plenty of people, and have done with you, that I’m not creative). But maybe actually we both are. I’m no more creative than you and your beautiful photos, friend.


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