• For none of this to have happened
  • For two loving, wonderful people, or even just one, to adopt me, to want me as their child, to love me
  • To not be alone
  • For it to be different, their reactions to have been different
  • For my t to love me
  • For my best friend to not live so far away
  • For me to know what I’m doing with my life
  • For parents
  • For gentleness and kindness, and a hand to hold. For someone to stroke my hair or my cheek, to tuck my hair behind my ears, to look me in the face and be patient and loving and take care of me
  • For someone to go back in time and scoop me up and take me in as their child
  • To have a family
  • To have a home
  • To be safe
  • To feel safe

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