eighty-two: focus

free association time:

  • the way one of my eastern european professors pronounced it: FUCKus. omg we used to bite our lips so hard to keep from laughing in our small seminar classes. it was THE WORST, coz she said it all the time, for some reason
  • those posters that were all the rage in the 90s (i think) where you had to sort of unfocus your eyes in order to drop into the drawing to see the hidden images there? does anyone know what i mean? they were these weird 3D things?
  • i remember our daughter imitating one of her teachers, crossing her eyes and gesticulating wildly, her voice cracking and breaking as she intoned, you really have to focus your brains, friends…such a weird kid we have. but so hilarious
  • often people talk about their kids being the centre of their worlds, and i think this is fairly true for our family right now…but in terms of the families in which pocketbrit and i grew up, this was not the case. and i wonder: on what were they focused, instead? what distracted their attention or interfered in their focus that they missed so much hurt and abuse under their own roof?
  • how i vacillate between extreme obsessive focus on a single task, and then, can sometimes be entirely unable to zone in on one thing without becoming distracted by a zillion other things. i really do wonder if i have ADD…i’m a bit scared to find out, i feel like i have enough labels for this lifetime, thanks

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