eighty-six: discovery

i’ve opted to go somewhat silly here, because i’ve been backwriting a bunch of these blog entries and they’re a bit heavy…

…but it’s also genuinely what my first thought was. which was about shark week, on the discovery channel.

my wife, you know, the one with the ocean in her blood, who grew up by the sea, is addicted to shark week. like, PVRs it, and has, stored in her very smart brain, millions of facts about sharks. best, though, is that she uses this information to back up why she can’t swim in any body of water other than a chlorinated swimming pool. yes folks, you heard it here, she will not step past her ankles in a single pond, river, lake or ocean because of sharks.

so thank you, discovery channel, for making me the only parent that will swim with our child on holidays…you and your bastard shark week!!

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