one hundred & one: honesty

here’s some honesty:

  • i have cried nearly every day the past two weeks. and, i mean, ugly cried. not just a few tears but full-on, with snot and sobbing
  • my parents have never known who i am, and they never will
  • i can’t wink both eyes – only one of them. i thought this was normal. it is not
  • i have never felt so alone, and also so held, in such a short span of time
  • i love pocketbrit
  • i am missing the gene that makes me love christmas
  • that said, i’ll never say no to a christmas dinner
  • i am amazed at how trauma hurts in such new and different ways. just when i thought i’d felt all the feelings, there are more
  • every time i read the word honesty i heard this natalie merchant song in my head…with the wrong word (ie honesty vs jealousy) instead, god i’m a doofus

2 thoughts on “one hundred & one: honesty

  1. How did I miss this? This definitely wasnt showing when I did my weak post. Ugh I’m sorry.

    I’ve ugly cried with you, dear one. Its been a fucking crap Christmas, for us both, it just has. I can’t believe your family, it engages me everytime I properly think about it. You deserve so much better, so much more than you got. Xo

    Me and my teamwork eyebrows love you and your dodgy eyes too, so so much.


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