one hundred & sixteen: neck

my little one’s favourite position is what i call spidermonkeying.

wrapped fully around me, legs wound about my middle, arms around my shoulders, face buried into my neck. nose pressed in tight, her warm damp exhales tickling my ears. the wanton flyaway sweet baby hairs at the top of her head blowing in and out with my own breaths.

sometimes, pocketbrit and i will ‘take’ each other’s wee ones, when it feels hard for us to comfort them ourselves. and my little one, always desperate to be held, will clamber up and do the same to her (and often, fall straight to sleep.)

and when she is held like that, it’s like an audible, tangible, palpable sigh is released from us both, i can feel it from here.

she is safe. we are safe. we can breathe. we can rest.

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