Impulse/Impulsive (105)

I can be rather impulsive sometimes. I get so annoyingly anxious about things, going over and over, making myself feel sick with worry, that I think I developed a coping strategy of just doing things impulsively when I can, not allowing my brain to give me every last fucking con/thing that could go so wrong, until I’m already signed up, it’s too late, sorry brain! Normally I worry for a small amount of time, have an internal “oh fuck it, just do it” moment, and then worry about all the worrying later. Works for me

One thought on “Impulse/Impulsive (105)

  1. a very smart adaptation you’ve made, dear one. i’m so glad you have that impulsive part of you, so you can do those things while distracting your brain from the worry of them. xo


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