Delight (148)

Free association :

  • Im not feeling very delighted about anything today. Or y’know the last little forever.
  • Turkish delight. Absolutely bloody disgusting.
  • Angel delight… Also from what I remember (and my automatic ‘ew’ reaction since I was little), pretty damned gross.
  • It seems if the type of food has to call itself “delight” it isn’t going to be very delightful. Go figure.
  • After a pretty terrible beginning to my day (and its come back and continued into tonight) a mum and her little boy came into where I work today. The mum was wondering around, and the little boy, maybe about 3, kept shyly making eye contact with me and sussing me out. Then he strays behind a bookcase type thing, and starts hiding and then peeping out, first one side then the next, and back and forth again and again. I start tilting my head to either side with him too, pulling faces and acting shocked. He’s extremely cute, trying to peek at me without being seen, and then smiling and giggling at my silly expressions. I’m not sure it was quite delight, but it was close, he was very pleased that this random woman was joining in on his game of hide and seek (as his mum said) which more resembled peek-a-boo to me. And he made my day much better for the next couple of hours

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