Freedom from adulteration or contamination.

Freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature.

I hate the notion of pure to begin with. I mean why on earth should it matter? Why should it be something held in esteem? Why should it matter if someone’s never had sex, or had sex 200 times by 200 different people. Why should the former be deemed sacred, be granted to wear the colour white, the symbol of purity, and the latter not? Why are those two people held differently, why is one ‘pure’ and one not?

And, excluding all the nonsense about what purity is, I completely loathe the idea that to people who are religious, and to whom this does matter (I am definitely not one), rape can make someone impure. That should a 13 year old girl from a devoutly religious family wear a purity ring, a 13 year old that is proud, and to whom it genuinely matters, why should she endure the additional shame of no longer being deemed pure by her religion? Rape makes everyone who’s endured it feel plenty contaminated already (thank you first definition – nice middle finger up to you), without the need for additional shame to be placed on a person by people or organisations who value so called ‘purity’.

I just don’t like it. It feels like another reason we should feel ashamed of ourselves for something we never chose. For something that was actually forced upon us and that we’d do anything to not have happened.