Reverence (156)

This one makes me think of pocketcanadian….because she was definitely the one to choose this word. I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to the English language (although, I speak it correctly, unlike those canadians and their weedwhackers), and unlike my friend over the sea who is a walking thesaurus, I didn’t actually even know what this word meant….

6 thoughts on “Reverence (156)

  1. What do Brits call weedwhackers? Here in Oz we call the ones which use a cutting cord whippersnippers (although the instruction booklets call them “line trimmers” – boring!), and ones with a metal blade are called brushcutters.

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    • Oh no, I’ll never live this down if its not just the Canadians with their whippersnipoing! We call them strimmers (and strimming is a verb, which bugs pocketcanadian no end). Yeah apparently they use whippersnipper over there too… Both of them crack me up….its like a 6 year old named them lol.

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