one hundred & fifty-nine: affirmation

i loved pocketbrit’s post, even though it made me so sad. i can relate so much to the absolute thirst to hear praise and affirmations but the subsequent inability to absorb them, to hold them, to allow them. the desperate need for the words but the utter lack of experience with what to do with them.

my post is more about the affirmations that you can find slathered all over empty journals, in bookstores on stationary, and all over social media. the ones that often make me roll my eyes and feel slightly homicidal. (i mean seriously, “it is what it is”?! i mean, yeah, it’s true, but then why not say “it isn’t what it isn’t”? or “it can’t be what it can’t be”?! i have enough input in my life from captain obvious…sheesh)

okay, okay, i know i’m being judgy. except, i’m pretty sure you’ll judge me for mine, too, coz they probably don’t speak to anyone else but me. i do have some affirmations i hold tight. like i’ve made it through 100% of my bad days. for me, that is worth celebrating. i’ve had a lot of bad days, especially lately, including ones where i don’t want to be here, where i want it all to end. so that one is a good reminder.

i also seem to revisit shame is just trying to save your life, but we don’t have to listen to him and feelings come and feelings go. i’m fully aware these ones are extra cheesy, and when i’m in the pit, they don’t work, coz nothing does…but  on days when it seems possible to believe something, i do believe those.

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