one hundred & sixty six: comfort

this one felt too hard to actually tackle tonight, so i’m doing a list, entitled where i find comfort:

  • hugs and snuggles, from wherever i can get them
  • imagining people i love sleeping – something i have done as long as i can remember, as a way to calm myself at night (i know it’s totally weird. add it to the list)
  • the smell of the oil i used to use on our daughter as a baby…lavender and calendula and orange and beeswax and other lovely gentle-smelling things
  • words – poems or lyrics or music; books i’ve read, loads of times; handwritten words for me by people who love me
  • hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • purring cats, our old guy in particular, who starts up if we so much as look at him
  • my worn, soft stuffed pup tucked under my chin
  • lying in my bed, with covers pulled fully up or over my head
  • looking up at the sky
  • sunsets
  • chicken soup with egg noodles and lots of dill

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