two hundred & two: defenses

there is a snippet of a song lyric just beyond my reach…about defenses…it’s driving me bonkers, coz i can’t think of what it is or how i can make myself grab ahold of it.

okay after a long period of internet sleuthing, i think i’m thinking of the opening verse of ‘music of the night’ (from the phantom of the opera, the uk not canadian version). seriously, at any point between the ages of 13 and 24, you could find me singing, top volume, in my put-on opera voice, while doing dishes, or housework. i love that musical. which reminds me i should introduce it to my kiddo, coz damn, that’s some good music and beautiful poetry.

night time sharpens, heightens each sensation

darkness stirs and wakes imagination

silently the senses abandon their defenses

seriously, i love saying those words. give it a try.

it’s delicious, promise.

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