two hundred & sixty three: light

pocketbrit is so right, we do love us some good rays. i know i have some better ones than these but i can’t seem to find them, so they’ll have to do.



nearly eight years ago, when i was therapist shopping, part of what drew me to my current t was her bio online (it is not online any longer). in it, she spoke about light and also capital L Light, and i liked that. she also quoted beautiful lyrics from a prolific canadian singer, so that was the start of my loving her.

i’m trying to make my way back to her but it’s just been really difficult. it’s felt dark and dismal and scary. not easy. not light.

backdated, written june 17/19

Light (263)

I’ve got a feeling I’ve put this photo up before. I’ve just been searching through photos on my phone and got completely sidetracked for over an hour… Photos of me as a baby, photos of pocketcanadian as a baby (omg she was so cute and she doesn’t even realise it), so many photos of the sky and sea and greenery.

What I was looking for were rays of light. Pc and I both love when you get the rays in the photo. Also, the other thing that came to mind when I was looking through was golden hour… That time of day where everything just looks so much better.

Hopefully pocketcanadian might put some more up… She has loads of amazing ones