two hundred & sixty nine: serenity

when i was in my teens, the sitcom seinfeld was hugely popular. and its popularity persisted into my early 20s, when reruns were on. i’d seen it once or twice, but i didn’t love it like everyone else seemed to. i can admit that a large part of it was because people were always telling me to watch it (i hate being told what to do, so i didn’t, on principle); i also enjoyed the haughty, eye-rolling response i got when i told people i was refraining from watching the show because they were telling me to watch it. i’m smiling thinking of it, actually.

(as an aside, i’ve done this with other popular series/movies/books, too, throughout my life. most recently with game of thrones. yeah. that’s right. get over it.)

i know it’s ridiculous and kind of childish, but, well, there you go. i’m a fairly ridiculous and childish person, if you haven’t gleaned that yet.

but one of the episodes that i actually did find amusing was the one where george read a self-help book or listened to a self-help meditation sort of thing, where the prompt was ‘serenity now.’ except when he used it, he’d shout it at the top of his lungs, SERENITY NOW!!!!

maybe i should watch the friggin’ show. no one’s telling me to watch it anymore, i think i’m safe. and frankly, i could use a bit more funny in my life. it’s a bit lacking in that department lately.

written june 22/19