three hundred & sixteen: excitement

the overwhelming emotion i feel about seeing pocketbrit, in a mere four weeks…

Image result for excited face


it also makes me think of the pointer sisters song, i’m so excited. which is a rockin’ song, to be sure, although not my favourite of theirs. and i am even somehow managing to not feel ugh about it, because my mom really loves the pointer sisters and generally i’m pretty ugh about my mom.


at this point i’m just grateful to still be here, to even be able to be excited about anything. i know i keep saying i’m shit whenever i show up to write one single entry every blue moon, but i’ve been extra particularly horribly shit, and so has pocketbrit.

the upswing is that we are finally meeting soon, and i am going to hug her really tight to me and possibly not let go for several hours, which should make for an interesting airport experience for a lot of people. and i’m excited. really, really excited.


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