Spring (204)

I like this time of year…and very nicely appropriate that we get this word at this time of year. I love the warmth that just starts to make an appearance. I like how after a long cold winter (which I also like…I like all the seasons in their own way, although winter and early spring is generally shit for me), and dark early nights, the clocks go back and the nights are lighter, and then they start to get warmer, and it really does make a difference on my mood. I love getting sunglasses back out, taking my jumper off and feeling the sun on my arms. I love the first barbeque of the year, and gardening, and being outside. The birds singing, the sun warming everything up, and the trees and flowers coming out. Bring on summer…I’m very ready for you

Autumn (201)

I love how this somehow managed to get through the list of words as autumn and not fall. And while I do admit that lots of the time our british versions are ridiculous and actually no better than their canadian counterpart, I do much prefer autumn.

Autumn is pocketcanadians favourite month . I love the colours of autumn most of all, but I think I’d rather have the kind of temperatures they do in the part of canada that shes from….I’m not quite so down with the rain and cold we have over here.

Written on 14/04 and backdated